Machinery Remote 360 Highlight of New Jersey Tech Center Open House

By | October 18, 2017

Machinery blog showcased a variety of their technologies at an open house hosted at the New Jersey Tech Center, in conjunction with distributor Millennium Machinery. Fifty-eight attendees viewed the latest wire, sinker, milling, turning and additive machines from Machinery blog.

A highlight of the event was the MC Remote 360 presentation. MC Remote 360 is a production monitoring software that provides real-time data to desktop and mobile devices. The tracked data includes variables such as stop and run time, allowing the user to see areas where efficiency can be improved. The software also includes Remote Diagnostics & Fault Monitoring, providing troubleshooting support and sending data directly to Machinery blog for assistance in diagnosing and resolving an issue, possibly eliminating the need for an on-site visit. Doug Conroy presented the wide array of program functions to attendees. MC Remote 360 is newly available on EDM machines and supports laser machines as well.

Come see Machinery blog at IMTS September 12-17th in booth N6815 to see MC Remote 360 and the latest EDM, milling, additive and laser technologies for yourself.